Greetings to you all!

We are back from our Hearth of the South trip!  "Big Easy" with 8 full great days all in the New Orleans-Natchez-Lafayette area with Good Times Fun Times/Collette friends!  Next week will be Ireland with our group - Life is GRAND!  

New Casino Trips added - Thanks to Good Times Fun Times friends we added two more casino dates - fillin' up fast!  Click on the "Deluxe Motorcoach Trips" above and see the two new additions - June 11th and June 24th.  

July 2nd will be our next Good Times Fun Times/Collette Travel Presentation at the Versailles Veterans Memorial - Mark your calendar and RSVP.  2016 trips such as: Hawaii, London/Paris, Train Journeys, Colors of New Enland, Greece, San Antonio, etc.

It's been the best 6+ years of traveling with the Good Times Fun Times friends that I could have ever imagined.  Thank You one and all!  Let's keep the ball rollin' ! ! !  

All the photos of our 6+ years of trippin' can be found on my facebook account under albums.  Click on the link below. Become a friend and see them all!

Hope to see you on a bus with us in the near future. 

We have way more fun than anyone!  Come Join Us

Happy Travels to you all! 

Sue Christian