Wow - Oh Wow - Oh Wow - We had a great problem last Thurdsay. Had people that didn't RSVP and had to set up more tables!  It was a great night!!! Thank You All!  We had travelers signing up on our National Parks of America tour that we are doing in Sept.-Oct. of 2017, along with sign ups on the other 11 tours that Good Times Fun Times/Collette group travel is doing in 2017.  Come Join us!  

Don't forget to click up on top of this page "Deluxe Motorcoach Trips" and it will take you to the page with all the trips in date order and what's available yet.  Come Join Us!  

All the photos of our 7+ years of trippin' can be found on my facebook account under albums.  Click on the link below. Become a friend and see them all!

Hope to see you on a bus with us in the near future. 

Come Join Us

Happy Travels to you all! 

Sue Christian, Travel Hostess