Jim & I are with our Good Times Fun Times group to Alaska land/cruise July 19th-31st.  During this time we have someone checking our phones and my sister Judy will be hosting the July 29th (Hoosier) & July 30th (Reds) trips.  You will be in good hands!

Don't forget to call and RSVP for our August 5th Collette Travel Presentation featuring our New Orleans trip next April and our Canadian Rockies in June of 2015.

August Ingredients for Summer Fun:

  • August 5th Travel Presentation - RSVP please
  • August 6th-7th Gaming on the River - $98 and you will get $45 back in gaming & also includes Dinner ($22) & Breakfast ($16) buffets & overnight stay at Belterra! Great Price!
  • August 9th - Saturday - Mystery Trip with lunch and a few stops.   "Double Nickel" Mystery - Only $55 per person!

Just click on the "Deluxe Motorcoach Trip" link above and it will take you to the second page of our whole list of trips!  We have lots to offer! 

Good Times Fun Times photos that have taken in the past are on Facebook. (see link below).  There are over 100+ albums with thousands upon thousands of photos of the last five years that you are able to view.

Hope to see you on a bus with us in the near future. 

We have way more fun than anyone!  Come Join Us

Happy Travels to you all! 

Sue Christian


All the photos of our 5 years of trippin' can be found on my facebook account under albums.  Click on the link below.  Become a friend and see them all!