Greetings to you all!

Month of February and March will have the Good Times Fun Times friends traveling to Australia (21 days) and Tuscany (10 days).  We will have someone picking up our messages every 2-3 days from our land line (937-526-4324) during this time.  Just call and make sure you leave your name and phone number so that a return call can be completed.

Collette trips still available: Costa Rica in October with savings until 4/10 and Christmas on the Danube (Germany River Cruise) in December with savings until 2/25.  Sign up before the discounts end! 

We've been busy filling our 2015 trips...Click on the "Deluxe Motorcoach trip" link above and see where we want the Good Times Fun Times friends to travel with us!  The link will take you to the second page of what's available.  Come Join Us!   

It's been the best 6 years of traveling with the Good Times Fun Times friends that I could have ever imagined.  Thank You one and all!  Let's keep the ball rollin' ! ! !  

All the photos of our 6 years of trippin' can be found on my facebook account under albums.  Click on the link below. Become a friend and see them all!

Hope to see you on a bus with us in the near future. 

We have way more fun than anyone!  Come Join Us

Happy Travels to you all! 

Sue Christian