Looking forward to celebrating our 7th year in business.  This is Thanks to all of you that have been on the Good Times Fun Times deluxe motorcoach trips and passing the "word". 

We started out the first year (2009) with 20 "daycations".  In 2010 we had 70 "daycations" with a total of over 100 days of Good Times Fun Times.  

In 2013 we had 85 "daycations" with a total of 125 days on the road!  All but 4 were Sold Out!  What a fantastic year.  Thank You one and all for your great support.  We do have more GOOD TIMES FUN TIMES than anyone and everyone loves our people, places and prices! 

Ending 2014 we had 89 "daycations" with a total of over 160 days on the road!

We have been growing in leaps and bounds every year. 

We are going to destinations that will make memories last a lifetime! 

Thanks for all the GOOD TIMES FUN TIMES friends!

Come and Join Us!